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Astronaut Chris Hatfield  

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andUandU... goal is to turn this world into one big community Ourearth.  Ourearth is a community that cares, where the well being of our people(andU's) is of the utmost importance.  As we live our daily lives we need to be aware that there is more to life than just memememe thinking. The people on our earth should be treated like one extended family where U should be treated equal no matter where U live or what nationality U are. We should all be members of the andUandU... family. As part of this family “U” are important. U have the ability to improve the lives of humans and/or other organisms. U can make all the difference in the world.

Our earth is one big interconnected biosphere where our actions in one part of the world, often affect other parts. Often we are connected to Third World Countries due to immigration of friends and families to various Western Countries like: Canada, United States and Britain. Our earth appears to be shrinking with the advent of new technology which allows news to be spread around the world in seconds. We hear and see whatever is regarded as news worthy or watch programs from around our earth that perks our specific interests. We know so much about what is going on around our earth, if there are problems with the environment on a major scale or people are suffering, we usually hear about it. Often the aftermath of breaking news is we don't hear about it. Too often we forget about tragedies like starvation, environmental damage or earth quakes because their replaced by more recent news. We must be diligent and tackle; whatever, world problem immediately, that can be helped or resolved by our organization.

Like a family we should share with our members, we know that there are major hardships around our earth, yet many do little and care not. We should strive to help better the lives of those in need, whether we need to supply: food, medicine, housing and perhaps work. Even better, help the needy establish ways to combat their problems in the long term. For instance we know of so many places where people are getting sick because their water is contaminated. We need to dig more wells for these people; so they would get enough to drink and they could clean themselves with potable water.

Ourearth community consist of many communities. If each community cared for each other like a big family then so many people would not be suffering. We need to share our resources and in many cases create more money and goods to give to those in need. Every life is precious every person has a right to food, shelter and medicine and there can be enough to go around. The starving people on our earth are a community in need. The Asian fisherman, subsistent farmers, Asian sweat shop workers and people living in refugee camps are just a small sample of communities. They are our Brothers and Sisters part of the andUandU... extended family.       

CommunityandU strives to get likeminded individuals worldwide to work together to better their own lives and by doing so become more able and willing to help those in need, regardless of where they live. 

Like minded individuals could be from social, professional, trade, community or certain age groups or organizations joining together into a family like environment, on a national or international scale. Each group that feels that they want to make the world a better place can get together and plan on strengthening their ties to each other. Each group would choose to be members of andUandU... and organize themselves into a community or team that would benefit them and help to better the lives of those disadvantaged people and the other inhabitants of our earth.

They can do this by registering an andUandU...domain and starting a website that is sanctioned an certificate by andUandU...They would get andUandU .com and/or a .org website or whatever website that would be prominent in their country.

There will be websites that are not leased from andUandU but are purchased by other means. They still can be sanctioned and supported by andUandU. U will know which ones they are by going to the andUandU communitiesandU.

On these websites they can post almost anything that they want that is related to their community. They can plan the content and advertise products and services that pertain to individuals of the group or others who are interested in the website. There has to be certain content restrictions because all parts of andUandU are family oriented. There shall be no profanity and no words spoken or written that are derogatory to any religion. (See andUandU.... Rules and Regulations)

Most of the profits from each organization should be directed toward the disadvantaged inhabitants of Ourearth and used to increase the viability of ur organization and that of the mother organization andUandU... Our members should give as much as possible to charity, at least 77%. Seven percent of this should go to fund the andUandU... organization and its interests.

The satisfaction derived from such profits should not be influenced by personal gain, but by how U made our earth a better place to live in.

andU The Suffix


Once people realize the importance of the andUandU... name and the significance of andU as a suffix to our member communities, our membership and interests in andUandU will grow. Examples of such members could be ActorsandU, ProfessorsandU and DoctorsandU. Each of these members would have their own websites all linked to the main websites and The members will have a .com and/or an .org site. Whatever site they choose they will have content relating to the various aspects of their group. Example the DoctorsandU members would have content related to the medical field.

The charitable amounts raised from our communities from advertising and other means can be tracked on our site. Highlights from our andUandU... communities will be posted on our site. Such highlights could be concerning special community events.                                                           

On our member communities websites the content that is particular to each member can be showcased, content is limited to the size of ur imagination. There are so many various aspects of each member that could be included, finding interesting and relevant content for the public and members of the group or organization should be easy. The more unique ur website the more people will be interested. The websites can be national or international in scope. The fact that these members are linked to such a well known and trusted organization as andUandU... there is even more incentive to become members.

Advertisers would promote their products to anyone they think would be attracted to that particular community.

Each community member will have their .com and/or .org sites linked to the site and the site.

What U give would be featured on ur site. It would give the group a chance to show the world some of what good U have done.

Potential Communities


JosephrbidenandU(When his term ends the new President will add andu to their name), BarackobamaandU, PresidentsandU, CongressandU, PrimeministersandU, TrudeauandU (as prime ministers change so to would the website), SenatorsandU, G7andU and G20andU.

These sites could show us that in many ways our leaders are the same as us. The sites would be able to update us on the itineraries of the government and its leaders, past and present. They could also show people that they are being open and transparent about their plans for the future. The donations of the governments and its leaders could be displayed on their sites.

There can be no political affiliated site that is not neutral, in that they cannot use the site to further their political agendas. The only campaigning should be limited to the politicians trying to supply funds and/or goods and services to those in need.

Significant People-Could be perhaps wealthy people, entertainers, scientists and WarrenbuffettandU.

Professional- LawyersandU, DoctorsandU, NursesandU, AccountantsandU and FireservicesandU, IaffandU and UnionsandU

Age Groups-ElderlyandU, ChildrenandU and TeenandU

Entertainment- ActorsandU, MusiciansandU, SingersandU, ComedyandU, DancingandU and Magicians and U2andU

Sports- FootballandU, FIFAandU, NFLandU, BaseballandU, MLBandU, HockeyandU, NHLandU, RugbyandU and TennisandU

Service Clubs- JCIandU, KiwanasandU, FreemasonsandU and LionsclubandU

Hobby Groups- HuntingandU, FishingandU and CoincollectingandU

Religious- SikhandU, IslamandU, BuddhistandU, HinduismandU, JudaismandU, ChristianandU, JehovahandU and JesusandU

Educational - UniversitiesandU, CollegesandU, HighschoolsandU, TeachersandU  and ProfessorsandU

Education is extremely important to andUandU... Our educational system is grooming our leaders and specialists of the future.

Perhaps our educational institutions can take lessons from students past and present. How often have we heard of competitions where students get prizes for raising money for charity? Instead of competing individually in their educational facility they could compete against another school and have a lot of fun doing it. There are so many ways in which the experience of giving can be a rewarding. Perhaps they could show off their institutions colors, flags or even their mascots on their websites

The Wealthy- MillionairesandU, BillionairesandU and the GivingpledgeandU.

andUandU... welcomes groups that are reflected by status and/or size. It is our desire that more of these people show the side of them that is so often overlooked. The average member of society doesn't know the good deeds you've done. Unfortunately they sometimes look negatively towards those who have wealth. Within ur websites, U have the means to exhibit multiple positive attributes. Better still, make a difference by sharing ur wealth and show ur accomplishments. Instead of creating a vast empire of wealth, why not perhaps adopt certain geographical areas that are in need of ur help. Do this not for political or economic reasons but, because U are trying to stop the suffering. By doing this, imagine the love and the respect U would attain from the human race.

CommunityandU Guidance

All of our communities would exist because of our love for our Brothers and Sisters and perhaps our earth's other inhabitants too. We want to improve the lives of the disadvantaged. One important trait that all member communities should have in common is the wish that each andUandU... community succeeds. When one of our communities succeeds the more people will be helped and the members of that community will be drawn closer together.

Our CommunityandU headquarters will gather important knowledge from our member communities and other sources. Ideas that have helped a community succeed should be shared with other communities. Set up costs could be prohibitive but if there is possibly a tempt-plate for success, then a potential community could copy it. Even if it means less money raised for a community due to limited advertising dollars. We want to bring the members of each community closer together, regardless of how much money each one raises.

CommunityandU would have a database where communities or potential communities could get advice on how to improve themselves and the people they plan on helping. We will adopt andUandU's Revolutionary Vision to meet our Sectors requirements. Some of the seven percent of andUandU dues we get from each community could be loaned or granted to communities in need for such things as start up fees. These communities would have to stay within certain andUandU...guidelines to qualify for loans.

Community Centres

There is no better way to bring people together than community centres. All of andUandU's communities should have common areas where U can meet people from ur community and the people within ur geographical area. The centres should be a gathering point for like minded people. U could have a variety of social activities for ur community members. U could have interesting things there that people from outside ur community might want to discover. It would be a chance to show what is special about ur community. It could cause ur membership to take more pride in what they do. What better way to bring together to raise money and support worthy causes.

These centres could serve dual purposes. If U are a member of a union, U can have ur andU community located at ur union hall. If U are a member of a professional organization local headquarters could be ur andU location.

andUandU's Potential

There are so many potential members that there could easily be hundreds of andUandU... member communities, all growing closer,  making a positive contribution to better the lives of our earth's people and its other inhabitants.

The end result of having all the 'andU's' getting together in the various groups or disciplines is they could form important life long bonds that can only strengthen as their community grows. Practically all of these groups could encompass the whole country and even the world. It all depends on how far 'U' want ur andU community to grow.

Not only will ur communities be growing, U will grow stronger emotionally knowing that U are now learning to look at the bigger picture, which is what being a part of what andUandU... affords. Certainly by now, U will realize that U are part of a community that can make a huge difference to other communities. Assisting people in need will help U feel better about life and it will certainly be a great reflection on the extraordinary people U have become.

A Community is Born

Upon becoming a new member there will be ceremonies celebrating another member community and this should be advertised on various forms of media including and on CommunityandU. Each new member will be handed a Charter from andUandU... and a plaque, they both will have the members' name and inauguration date on them. The Charter and plaque should be handed out to the leader or Stewart of the new community by perhaps their offspring. This would be important because it is the young people that will gain the most from the growth of andUandU.

Right now the future of Ourearths childen does not look too bright with Global Warming, pollution, civil unrest and food shortages.

The first celebration should be a big celebration with many new member communities. There could be such great fanfare that would help spread the word. The entertainment and government communities could have special celebrations that would help advertise the growth of such an important organization as andUandU... Perhaps the andUandU... person who blessed us with their moulded hands as our trademark icon could hand out some of the Charters.

Astronaut Chris Hatfield

                    You Tube We Day 2016 from Calgary's Saddledome

                    Posted by Taylor Holmes

Excerpts from Chris Hatfield's speech:

Talk about living We-Day Globally...How can we make our planet as peaceful and it looks from 400km above...Nothing can change the fact that we are one unified world...U might look at a map and see where someone drew borders. I can tell U from my view in space and the eight people up there right now; that borders do not separate us.

The world issues are our issues. When U hear about something in Kenya or China or India, it doesn't matter that their 1000 kilometres away around the ball of our planet; it is up to us to use our skills, time and energy to do something about it.

From the I.S.S. (International Space Station) a town in Eritrea looks the same as a town in Afghanistan or India, the differences are manmade and the key to unlocking the potential is to look past the things that we think makes us different and embrace everything that makes us the same.....

The desire for happiness for a little grace for fulfillment, the desire kindness a desire for peace...

Stay informed; keep the whole world in mind when it comes to ur actions; whether it's environmental actions or the social movement. U choose to be a part of the funds U raise.

With the technology that we have invented; U can take action on all of these things from the comfort of ur living room.If I can use social media to bring people together from space all the way from the space station, U can make a massive difference down here on earth.

Thank you very much.  

CommunityandU Funding

Sources of money and leadership can probably come from the philanthropist(s) who contact us via our GET INVOLVED button. We believe that the business plan and a nominal amount of money U can perk the interests of future CommunityandU members. It should not be very hard to show how CommunityandU can raise a lot of money and enrich the lives of those who are involved.

There are a variety of interest groups that can be represented. Potential Communities like ActorsandU, MusiciansandU, any significant person like WarrenbuffettandU, or a band like U2andU could help us raise money. People can raise money while showing what is special about what they are doing.

Once the communities are operating a fee from each community and then a very small percentage of the money, they raise can be given to CommunityandU. Money can come from advertising and corporations because some of the communities would be potential buyers of goods once they became operational. Anyone or any organization that supports us would be highly regarded to support such a worthy cause. We would try to get support from the top 10 billionaires (see, foundations, and other wealthy people Corporations that benefit from the publicity of doing business with the communities can finance us.

CommunityandU could also possibly get funding from governments because we will be raising money through our organization that would replace some of the government funding. Most governments can’t afford to give enough to disadvantaged people.


There will be major changes to this website once we begin to function.

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We should consider all people (andU's) to be part of Ourearth community.

We are all Brother and Sisters. Therefore, we should look after each other.

Like a family we will pool our resources to make life easier for those in need.

This is the purpose of our andUandU...communities.